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God showed how much he loved us by sending his one and only Son…. So that we might have eternal life through him. (1 JOHN 4:9)

The story so far. ..

In a land far far away. It’s Winchester really! A naked man leaves prison. Horrified onlookers step aside as  they let him pass in sheer wonderment. Mouths aghast, they  all scream out aloud;

“…the emperor's wearing no clothes!!!”

“Ahhh ha!” exclaims the man; “But I am appropriately  dressed my lieges, after all, I am the Naked Rambler you see!!” He cried!

Playing out all over Winchester and Eastleigh for the festive season, ( and for the foreseeable future) our intrepid latter day prodigal son puts his best foot forward and makes his unparalleled efforts to return home to his mum for Christmas….

“Watch this space,” as they say…………………… to be continued.

“It’s the best show in town. Jingle downhill all the way!” Eastleigh Gazette Winchester Times: “He’ll get you moving, with baubles on!”