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Naked Rambler In Jail Again

Posted on 29/1/2013, 18:21 by Fiona Kabuki on “Those Big Wordshere :

It is not only Scotland, though. See here :

He was released from prison in Scotland in October and started walking south. He was arrested in December because he has "outraged public decency" in Oxford. He is in custody pending trial in February. Apparently his lawyers tried to get the charges dismissed on grounds of precedent, since it seems a nudist campaigner was acquitted of causing a public nuisance in 2001, after being tried naked before a jury.

Despite this, they failed and Mr Gough is again in jail.

Posted on 7/12/2014, 13:42

Mr Gough has failed in the ECHR. See here :

"the court in Strasbourg found that while he had a right to freedom of expression, this did not extend to hiking with his pants off, adding that his views on nudity were “shared by very few people”.

Seems this dangerous criminal is going to be locked up for most of his life


Posted on 22/8/2015, 12:25

Just learned that Mr Gough was freed this month. I am not sure how that has been achieved, given that he is subject to a tailor made ASBO, the absurdity of which is outlined by his lawyer in this piece in the Telegraph in June 2015

I have a feeling the costs stated are a very serious underestimate.

Turns out Mr Gough has a website, which you might be interested to see.