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The Prologue – December 2014

Currently, at the Naked Rambler Organisation, we are working on designing a proper course of action that will help us to create a feasible route that will follow Naked Rambler Stephen Gough’s last Scottish “Naked Walk to Freedom” from Edinburgh’s Saughton Prison to the English border crossing point just south of the settlement at Upper Hindhope. Keep watching this space for more updates and details when they arrive.

It is more than likely that we will supply two tour guides for the five day walk and advice will be given on where and when to meet up and what to pack for the trip. In all, it took Stephen Gough fives days to complete the journey, down busy main roads, along sleepy side tracks, over wild country footpaths and across muddy green, barbed-wired fenced in fields, sometimes inhabited by worried looking sheep and various breeds of curious cows.

At a pace of four miles an hour and averaging sixteen miles a day, it was no mean feat for the former six feet four inches tall Royal Marine Commando man with a thirty odd kilogramme pack on his back. Especially when you consider the fact that he was doing it all naked, in the cold weather and that he was also having to cope with the constant followings and observations of some hungry newspaper reporters, over eager press photographers, documentary film crew producers, members of the civilian population of all ages and sizes and constant threats of possible instant arrest from the Scottish police authorities if only even one member of the general public phoned in with a complaint and wanted him detained under the Mental Health Act or Breach of the Peace Order.

As Mr Ian Beveridge so aptly put it in his Octoberfest comment;

“I think the best thing that could be done for Stephen [Gough] is to organise an annual naked walk from Edinburgh – in the autumn – to commemorate his “Walk to Freedom” out of Scotland.” (As a fitting tribute to an amazing human being and his amazing healthy achievements in enduring extreme naked rambling in all types of weather in Scotland’s harshest of climates)

To be continued…