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Naked Rambler Organisation Defensor Libertatis The Book of Grace - The PayPigs of Westchester County - Click image to return to book Index


Back Door

The Paypigs of Westchester County

In the beginning there was only darkness in my life and then I saw a bright light. That light was Findom and what I am about to tell you, as I lay here on this cold stone floor of my solitary confinement cell in Edinburgh’s Saughton Prison, is my story of the Findommes and Paypigs that put me here. It all began on Twitter.”

Book One - The Book of Grace


June 17 2017:

“Hey Georgie! Are you back from your trip now? Why have you protected your Twitter account? Are you still following me or not?”

“Oh Hiya Grace! Yea, Back home again, Just put my account in to cold storage. Can't be bothered with Twitter anymore.”

But why the fuck did you protect your account? That's what I don't quite get?

“Well, I didn't want to deactivate it, in case I need it again some time. I think if you deactivate, you have 3 months to reactivate again before it's lost permanently and I like the username, "punjabigeorgie" for sentimental reasons.”

“Yea, that’s right, I see now. Anyway, considering I know how you love HIM so much, here is a truly lovely shimmering image I’ve attached of the divine Hindu god Ganesh that I came across here on Twitter...”

“That's cool Grace. I wish I knew how to make GIFs. It was my very dear old friend, Satish, who gave me the gold-plated Ganesh statue that I keep on my mantelpiece. It was his farewell present to me when I left Heathrow in 2004 to come home to Scotland. I often take it out of its glass case and give it a good rub for luck… the statue that is, lol”

“Save that image of Ganesh to your hard drive, as I will delete our conversation here in DM later.”

“Yes, I know. You always delete everything you post on Twitter, well almost everything. That frightened me at first when I started to follow you on Twitter. I guess you have your reasons.”

“YES I DO.” I don’t like a paper chase. I like to cover my tracks on here and I only leave Tweets on my Twitter page that I want people like you to see. Then I delete them. I also came across the SAME shimmering image of my favourite Hindu god, the goddess Lakshmi. Sending it over to you now and

just for the record, if you are still following me, I won't be able to receive any of your replies to me because your account is protected and I do not follow you.”

“OK, Oh. I just had a look at your page. That's a bit saucy banter with ‘John Doe’. You've forgotten to delete your tweets. What's a Findom? And what does it mean?

“John Doe didn't like me at first. He blocked me twice. I then cleverly got him to unblock me, and I have now ‘grown on him' and he now LIKES me. I haven't forgotten to delete my tweets, I am just very particular as to what goes and what stays on my account for others (like yourself) to see. Findom means Financial Domination. Google it and you'll see what it means.”

“OK. I'll have a look. Could this be a new career move for Gracie perhaps? Certainly seems to be a way of making money with not much effort. Or are you just playing John Doe at a game for you own amusement? If it makes you happy, then why not?“

“Listen Georgie, I can assure you that I most certainly WON'T ever be happy in life until I win the lottery. Simple. End of. When are you coming back down to London again?

Well, I can't promise you happiness and the answer to your question is, When there’s a death in her family!”

“Oh, ‘wifey’ you mean. Her dad died in the nursing home in Feltham didn’t he. Gave him a good send off did she?”

“Yea, we went down and had a service and took his ashes to where he was born and raised in Catsfield, lovely quiet village with one pub. The White Hart, We stayed there for a couple of days. We buried his ashes at Hastings crematorium.”

“Hmmm, You know Georgie dear. If you still want me to be your Mistress on here in DM, you’re really gonna have to start paying me tributes.”

To be continued…..

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