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The Royal Marine Years

We are hopeful that some of Stephen Gough’s former Royal Marine Commando colleagues from the 70’s will come forward and tell of their stories of the time they spent on a tour of duty in Northern Ireland as well as seeing some “action” on manoeuvres in Norway, Salisbury Plains and Dartmoor.

One former corporal, in Stephen Gough’s troop before the preparations for a tour of duty in Ulster told us this short taster.

“Steve Gough was in my troop. (1 Troop, X Coy) I was in contact with Steve for about a year. He was a Troop member. Never in trouble, did his job well, very professional in all that he did, mixed well from what I remember, a team player as we say. I do have a photograph of him with the Troop doing our pre Northern Ireland training at Lydd, Hythe. I’m happy to send you a copy but I do not want it published as there are still guys serving.

Here is the Troop photograph with Steve in. Fifth from the left with the big smile on his face.

Believe it or not, as a kid, I lived but about 10 miles from Eastleigh , (Swaythling) where Steve’s Mum lives.

I am in contact with a couple of friends that were in the Troop for the 1977 tour to Northern Ireland. Oh, I’m far left in the photo. I will get in touch with them to see if they would be prepared to put memories to paper regarding Steve and our time in the Marines

When you next see or in contact with Steve, give him my regards. I was his section Cpl and he should remember when I smacked Pat “J” for trying to charge Griff……..

That year we had a very professional Troop especially when we got on the ground.

Steve was actually in my section of 8, his nick name was EMU because he was so tall and gangly, but he could run.

The Royal Marine Years