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Judge cuts Naked Rambler some slack  -  Friday 18 December 2015

The Naked Rambler: And Sitting -  Saturday 19 December 2015

The Naked Rambler: And Sitting. A blog by Isobel Williams © Copyright 2015 Isobel Williams © Copyright 2015 Isobel Williams

Editor’s Pick of the Week:

The Naked Rambler: And Sitting by Isobel Williams

“This week for me has been about Margaret Thatcher, James Bond and the Naked Rambler, all masters of self-belief with iconic wardrobes.”

“The Naked Rambler's outfit - hiking boots and socks - doesn't fit the legal system. His tailor-made ASBO says he mustn't be naked in public.”

“Steve is like parchment - something blank on which other people can impose their ideas: hero, martyr, mischief-maker, loony, PTSD-sufferer, victim of the law's inflexibility who has suffered a grotesquely disproportionate punishment. His skin has something of parchment's dryness and sallow glimmer in the harsh downlights of the dock, on what is probably his fortieth court appearance.”

The Naked Rambler: And Sitting. A blog by Isobel Williams © Copyright 2015 Isobel Williams

Friday December 18th 2015

Walking Home for Christmas!

Judge cuts Naked Rambler some slack

Barely’s the word”

Naked Rambler Stephen Gough was cut some slack by Judge Keith Cutler CBE today. In a move that took most people by surprise, Judge Cutler announced a 200 days sentence for breaching the ASBO restrictions.

It was confirmed that Gough had not had any psychiatric assessment since the trial. Judge Cutler noted that:

(a) he could now sentence Gough for up to 5 years in prison

(b) he had been alerted to the case of Button v Salama and Mr Justice Holman's decision that the defendant in that case, "had been punished enough"

(c) there was the conclusion of the court of appeal that upheld Judge Miller's conviction and sentence.

Judge Cutler went through what he could take into account for mitigation:

(1) a plea of guilty? ... no, Gough had pleaded "not guilty"

(2) repentful? ... no, Gough did not repent what he had done

(3) remorse? ... no, Gough showed no remorse.

(4) The only other thing he could take into account for mitigation was the Holman case and, "… other letters and matters written to me by your supporters".

He then went through a short summary of the facts. He noted that any distress that Gough had caused was of a limited nature. He said that, while there has to be a prison sentence he could measure that in days rather than years ... and then sentenced him to 200 days in prison with 97 already spent. Judge Cutler then explained that this could mean release the following week on Monday or Tuesday (with the caveat that Gough could still be in breach of the earlier sentence).

Judge Cutler advised Gough to:

(a) seek to have the ASBO changed since he (Judge Cutler) was not in a position to do that - only Gough, the CPS and the police were able to request this and:

(b) he advised Gough to get representation if he comes to court again.

The case started in Court One at 11:25 am and was concluded by 12:20 am. The dock in Court One is below the gallery and Gough, who attended naked, was not visible by members of the public.

The case was later reported in some local newspapers, most notably The Daily Echo and The Hampshire Chronicle

For the latest naked rambler supporters’ reactions to today’s events in court see here

Compiled exclusively for Rambler News by our roving court reporter.

Interview with Judge Keith Cutler OBE - Grapevine Magazine: Edition 7: August 2015 - Click Here Happy New Year from the Naked Rambler Happy New Year from the Naked Rambler Click Here for Winchester Pantomime Next >>

Naked Rambler Release Due Soon… or is it?

After two days of a no-show at the gates of Winchester Prison, the general consensus of opinion among Stephen Gough’s supporters is that they are: "Not convinced Stephen will be released at all because he still has not served his current full sentence. Gough had been released on licence in August but broke the terms of that licence which normally means remission is forfeited and you have to do your full porridge - " See here for licence guidelines.

As Stephen Gough’s mobile phone remains firmly switched off tonight and the stake-outs by the local media around Winchester prison begin to fade away, a return home for the traditional Christmas turkey for the first time since 2005 is beginning to look increasingly unlikely for Eastleigh’s most famous prodigal son. A report that no police presence was spotted outside the prison all day also led fans to believe that Stephen Gough would remain, “closeted behind iron bars for the foreseeable future.”

Project Homecoming: A look at the effects of Solitary.

Click here to enlarge - The Scottish Sun article - © Copyright 21  December 2015 1 2 3 4 5

Bare naked propaganda from Daniel Finkelstein -  Wednesday 23 December 2015

Wednesday 23 December 2015

Naked Rambler given roasting in The Times: (In 1100 words)

The Very Nature of the cycle of Stephen Gough’s releases and re-arrests means that the appetite for his story is only piqued when something that hasn't happened before is happening. So, it comes as a most welcome - and gratifying - surprise that when someone from the illustrious Times takes the trouble to write about him, albeit not very convincingly, then it must surely be worth a mention here. The article in question on the Columnists page by political writer Daniel Finkelstein caused quite a flurry of reactions in the colourful Times comments section and also on the Twitter news feeds today. Hard hitting Finkelstein, more suited to commenting on statistical figures rather than revealing bodily ones, didn’t hold back any punches as he went straight for the naked rambler’s jugular and unprotected groin area.

Titled: “The naked truth is this man must be locked up”, Finkelstein, known as @Dannythefink on Twitter, laid bare his conservative approach to an already well trodden path that - by any way, shape or form - has left no stone unturned over his previous ramblings. Just when we thought the game was over, Finkelstein turns over a new fig leaf with such one-liners as “Stephen Gough may appear to be harmless but he can’t be allowed to make up his rules and choose to ignore ours” and “Stephen Gough is not dotty, he is just slightly ahead of the rest of us

For the full Finkelstein article click here

Reaction from Gough’s supporters here

Bare Tweets on Finkelstein exposé here

The naked truth is, this man must be locked up

By Daniel Finkelstein

“Answer this question. Why do you wear clothes? Don’t reply that it is to keep warm, because you do it when the weather is boiling hot. Don’t say it is to stand out from the crowd with a style all your own, because mostly you dress like everyone else. Don’t claim it is to protect yourself from injury, because this might cover your shoes but isn’t relevant to your underpants.

Which leaves modesty and decency. We all wear clothes to protect our own modesty and decency and to show respect for the ideas of modesty and decency which we imagine others have. We also think it might be illegal to offend against these ideas.

Stephen Gough regards these notions of modesty and decency as absurd and can’t for a moment see why he ought to respect them. So he appears naked wherever he fancies and rejects demands that he cover up.

Mr Gough wants to ramble naked. He needs to understand that it is because we have laws — property laws, laws about highways and byways, laws against violence and theft — that he is able to ramble peacefully at all, naked or otherwise. Like every citizen, Mr Gough enjoys the protection of the law, and, in return, is asked to share in that protection. That seems a reasonable request.”

Further reading:

The (Naked) Empire Strikes Back

Thomas Hobbes and Civil Disobedience  

Naked Rambler embroiled in alleged Finkelstein smear campaign -  Sunday 27 December 2015

Naked Rambler embroiled in alleged Finkelstein Eurosceptic smear campaign

Finkelstein denies plot

Jenkin maintains dignified silence following conspiracy theory

“The Mail on Sunday reports today that a friend of nudist Eurosceptic MP Bernard Jenkin claims he is the victim of naked 'smear' tactics due to his leading role in the Vote Leave campaign. Allies of George Osborne have been accused of smearing a leading Eurosceptic MP – by reminding voters that he is a nudist. The row broke after Conservative peer Danny Finkelstein, a friend of Mr Osborne, revealed last week - in his article on naked rambler Stephen Gough - how he had once advised a leading Tory frontbencher not to reveal he was a nudist, saying: ‘We all have a problem with nudity.’

In reply, Lord Finkelstein, a supporter of the Britain is Stronger in Europe camp, said on Twitter today: “Anybody who thinks my reference a smear designed to help "remain" is, not to put too fine a point on it, an idiot.” Finkelstein was referring to the upcoming referendum on Europe and whether or not to remain in or opt out of the union. As Mr Gough himself put it one day: “…refusing to address the elephant in the room can sometimes leave dire consequences on the whole”. He’s not wrong there!

Naked Rambler Stephen Gough and MP Bernard Jenkin were both unavailable for comment last night due to other commitments…………

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