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October 16th 2015  What’s the Buzz?  Pick of the Day  - Courtserve Website on Naked Rambler News

In Gough We Trust!

Naked Rambler’s Show Trial set for early date.

Winchester Crown Court - Court One.

Monday October 19 2015 - Not before 10:30 am.


Stephen Gough’s trial by jury was announced on the Courtserve website today. In a surprise move during last Wednesday’s preliminary hearing, the court asked for Monday October 19 to be set in stone for the Naked Rambler’s next live appearance before Winchester’s chosen few. Being billed as “For Trial”, it is still unclear if this will actually go ahead as the full trial or merely be for the appointment and confirmation of a local brief.

Previously, at Winchester Crown Court on Wednesday October 7, Stephen Gough was due to appear by video-link from Winchester prison but this in fact, did not take place. The hearing was therefore adjourned to Wednesday October 14 whereby Mr Gough was reportedly brought to court in person before Judge Susan Evans QC.

We are indebted to Courtserve for providing such excellent details of Stephen Gough’s forthcoming event.

For 20 years, CourtServe has provided a customer-focused service to the legal community. CourtServe is a brand name of Courtel Communications Limited, who are based in Egham, Surrey. It has served the legal community and the media with automated digital delivery of critical listing information from the Crown Courts, County Courts (civil & family), Royal Courts of Justice, Rolls Building and the Employment Tribunals.

For live updates on the Naked Rambler News click: Stephen Gough’s Facebook Supporters Page Here


European Courts


Human Rights:

Recent Judgment of Stephen Gough v United Kingdom

Short Summary Here

Full Judgment Here

ECHR Short Summary


Meaning of Human Existence

By Edward O Wilson

In The Meaning of Human Existence, his most philosophical work to date, Pulitzer Prize-winning biologist Edward O. Wilson grapples with these and other existential questions, examining what makes human beings supremely different from all other species. Searching for meaning in what Nietzsche once called "the rainbow colours" around the outer edges of knowledge and imagination, Wilson takes his readers on a journey, in the process bridging science and philosophy to create a twenty-first-century treatise on human existence….

The Meaning of Human Existence - Edward Wilson 2 3 4 5 1

Courtserve website reports on Naked Rambler court date:  Friday 16 October 2015

Naked Rambler Stephen Gough - Up before the beak. Image by photo journalist James Arthur Allen Image Copyright : James Arthur Allen Next >

Naked Rambler Court Result -  The Jury Decides - Guilty:  Monday 19 October 2015

The Return of the Naked Rambler - Monday October 19th 2015

No surprises in Winchester Crown Court Show Trial  - Editor’s Pick of the Day  - On Twitter

Stephen Gough Convicted by Winchester Jury - Again!

Naked Rambler’s Show Trial ends in defeat.

Winchester Crown Court Timeline:

Case Started - 10:37 , Case adjourned until 11:20 ,

Resumed - 11:36, Prosecution Opening - 12:11,

Witness evidence concluded - 12:22, Summing Up - 12:25,

Case adjourned 12:50 for lunch,

Resumed - 14:04 to 14:40, Trial ended - 15:00 Approximately.

Source: From our Roving Naked Rambler reporter at Winchester Crown Court:

In the end, Stephen Gough decided that he didn't need a barrister to represent him in court. Preferring instead, to go it alone in the altogether without his supporting briefs. A typical Naked Rambler commando style ploy.

Mr Gough submitted a written statement to present to the court, as the local judge, Keith Cutler CBE, never allowed him to appear naked before the jury while standing up. Mr Gough was however present and seated naked in the dock while the judge read parts of Mr Gough's defence submission to the jury. He was also present, seated in the dock when the jury gave their verdict. Earlier, Mr Gough was not present in the dock when the jury was sworn in or when the prosecution presented its case - either because of his refusal to sit down, just as he had acted, in a previous trial at Winchester on October 7 2014 before Judge Jane Miller QC or because the prosecution argued against this on the basis of the court of appeal ruling that upheld Judge Miller’s decision not to have him naked before the jury, whether seated or standing in the dock.

The jury convicted him in 30 minutes. They probably found his short plea unintelligible. Sentence was adjourned for a psychiatric report, although Mr Gough is unlikely to co-operate. Sentencing is predicted in 7-8 weeks. The judge invited the CPS & police to think carefully about whether there was any point in further jury trials. It's hugely disappointing for Mr Gough’s supporters, considering all the effort they have put in over the last few weeks but there's no need to become disheartened some would say. After all…. Tomorrow is another day! See live reaction to the Naked Rambler conviction on: Stephen Gough’s Facebook Supporters Page Here

Naked Rambler Stephen Gough. Last day of Freedom. On the day of his arrest before he set off for Twyford, Hampshire Stephen Gough on the day of his arrest

Latest reports on Naked Rambler Judgment - Tuesday October 20th 2015

Drawing from an uncomfortable position  - Editor’s Pick of the Day  - Isobel Williams Blog  

In Court with the Naked Rambler -  Isobel Williams - :  Tuesday 20 October 2015

Cutler’s Last Stand - Minority of One - :  Thursday 22 October 2015

A Minority of One?  - Editor’s Pick of the Week  - From the Eastleigh News  

Cutler’s Last Stand

Thursday October 22nd 2015

No “Get Out of Jail Free Card” for hapless Gough as Judge Keith Cutler CBE puts naked rambler in a minority of one.

“Trial Judge Keith Cutler said Magistrates and the police should look again at the ASBO.”

“Judge Cutler suggested to Gough that his beliefs placed him in a minority of one - but Gough replied that a minority of one can still be right”

Latest gossip from Twitter: -

Click #nakedrambler or “naked rambler”

Eastleigh News reports on Naked Rambler guilty verdict at Winchester

Stephen Gough is 'the Naked Rambler', well-known for walking in public wearing just a pair of boots and a rucksack. A controversial figure, Stephen's incarceration has meant he has not seen his two teenage children grow up.

Who’s a fan of naked rambling?

This film trailer opposite follows Stephen as he attempts to walk home to his family in Eastleigh, Hampshire. Walking over 400 miles naked is fraught with difficulties. It is a four-month quest beset by arrests, police cells, court appearances, releases, re-arrests and prison.

Along the way, director Guy Gilbert attempts to understand how Stephen became the most notorious naked man in Britain and to examine his quest for freedom. Why does a man persist in public nakedness when, time and again, his actions have landed him in jail? How does the public react to the sight of him? Is what he does wrong? Is his cause really worth more than his family? Helping us understand, perspectives are offered from Stephen's family and from supporters who join him along the way.

By turns funny, frustrating and emotional, this film challenges our own notions of the law, freedom and morality.

BBC Documentary from 2012/13

Image Copyright : Augustus Stephens Stephen Gough

Click on The Naked Rambler in the BBC Box for play options

The Naked Rambler Coffee Shop Let the Jury Decide! - We the Jury Court Room Drama Computer Game from iCivics University of Wisconsin, Madison City

< Visit our new Coffee Shop by clicking on the left icon

Barrister Blogger - Free The Naked Rambler - :  Monday 26 October 2015

Monday October 26th 2015

Barrister Blogger  - Editor’s Pick of the Day  - Free The Naked Rambler  

- Sentence Date Announced on Barrister Blog - December 18th 2015 -

“ Mr Gough was duly charged with breaching his ASBO and remanded in custody, which meant a return to Winchester Prison… He now awaits sentence on 18th December. There are cautious grounds for optimism, although perhaps it would be safer to say merely that there are straws in the wind.”

Twitter Buzz - See here for reactions

Mulbert - The Naked Rambler Poem - :  Friday 30 October 2015

Friday October 30th 2015

Mulbert  - Editor’s Pick of the Day  - The Naked Rambler Poem  

“Stephen Gough, Steven Gough, Have you not had enough, You’ve been rambling for years in the nuddy. In England that’s fine, Almost all of the time, But Scots’ law is more fuddy duddy.”

Big Brother shows Naked Rambler support on blog -  Saturday 31 October 2015

Stephen Gough’s younger brother Robert gives his view. “I think everybody in the family has gone out there to go and find life, to go and find something… the central thing is this profound energy to try and work out what life is all about..”

Saturday October 31th 2015

Big Brother lends support to Naked Rambler ’Cause’

Stephen Gough’s big brother, Phillip Gough, showed his support over the weekend for the naked rambler’s continuing stand against the English authorities. Writing on a recent barrister blogger post, ‘Free the Naked Ramber’, Phillip commented:

Dear Matthew, Thanks for your time and your efforts in supporting Steve. I admire greatly the courage and determination of my brother in regards to his stance on what he believes. That he is prepared to be imprisoned for all these years to defend what he considers his right, places him high on my list of people to be admired, respected and emulated. Regards, Phillip.”

Phillip follows the Raja Yoga religion as taught by the Brahma Kumaris Organisation. Phillip’s website and blogs can be found by clicking Here:

Wednesday November 4th 2015

Naked Rambler thrown lifeline on blog comment

A comment on the barrister blogger website appears to have added some considerable weight to the optimism surrounding the naked rambler camp this week.

Leading QC Lewis Marks writes; I truly hope that the majority, were they to be aware of it, would be horrified by the treatment of Steve Gough by our Justice (sic) system, as well as appalled by the waste of public resources which have been poured into his pointless prosecution(s) and incarceration. The ASBO, which has been shown not to work, should now be discharged. He has already served (far more than) enough time in prison to have demonstrated that. The judge, apparently HHJ Cutler, should take note of the wise, humane if counter-intuitive approach of Mr Justice Holman in Button v Salama here where he determined that any further imprisonment for continuing breaches was both pointless and unlawful. He said “So far as the coercive purpose of any sentence is concerned, I am afraid it is my clear view that this man has an absolute determination, at any rate while he remains detained in prison, not to obey the orders of this court, and that the coercive force of any sentences of imprisonment is now spent. So if I were to commit him to prison for a further term, the realistic purpose would be solely to punish him, which, for the reasons I have given, I cannot lawfully further do.”. The reason it would be unlawful was that he had already spent longer in prison than the underlying ‘crime’ could warrant on conviction. So too Steven Gough. In spades.”

Quoted on the Spears 500 page, Lewis Marks QC is given this glowing accolade:

For someone described as 'the star silk at the family bar and now universally recognised as head and shoulders above anyone else', Lewis Marks is disconcertingly modest: 'I'm not much of a lawyer if truth be told. The law is not what turns me on, it's the problem-solving that turns me on.

Naked Rambler thrown lifeline on blog comment  -  Wednesday 4 November 2015

Naked Rambler due in court  -  Friday 18 December 2015

Friday December 18th 2015

Naked Rambler due in court

Naked Rambler Stephen Gough is due to appear at Winchester Crown Court for sentencing after breaching his ASBO conditions, presumably before Judge Keith Cutler CBE and almost certainly in Court One not before 10:00 am.

It is not clear if Gough will appear naked in person or by video link from Winchester Prison although previous attempts by video link during hearings have proved to be problematic for the prison authorities. Optimism among Gough and his supporters who hope to attend is high as Judge Cutler is seen as a more humane adjudicator and has been known in the past to be more lenient with defendants if not somewhat controversial.

In a letter to a supporter Gough writes from prison: “Something I read the other day in a John Grisham novel about a Supreme Court judge acting on her conscience and then finding the law to uphold it, is the way I’d hope those judges who recognise the primacy of conscience as the ultimate law to act, But perhaps such judges are few. Maybe Not! The quote by Bertrand Russell, ‘Remember your humanity forget the rest’, also points in the same direction.”

Whatever the outcome, Gough concludes that he plans to appeal the conviction which could mean another appearance (naked) before the Royal Courts of Justice in 2016 if he is successful with his bid.

In a recent Enterprise Lecture at Winchester University Judge Cutler gave a spirited talk entitled ‘Ensuring a Fair Trial in the 21st Century’. Judge Cutler focused on the importance of impartiality, the upholding of good judicial practice and a general awareness and understanding of the law in society. "It is important for everyone, not just the legal community, to be engaged in and to understand the legal process", he said, highlighting the lack of understanding of the judicial process in mass media and politics. Issues discussed were; Do defendants receive a fair trial? Are witnesses and potential victims treated well within the trial process? Is the Criminal Justice System fit for the purpose of determining guilt of those accused of crime? Have recent developments in the criminal law procedure assisted in the aim of improving the trial process? In this lecture Judge Cutler discussed these questions and examined proposals being put forward to improve the trial process.

With all eyes on Winchester, it is to Judge Cutler that followers of this never-ending naked rambler epic now look for inspiration and mercy to end what has proved to be a deep-rooted deadlock.

Judge cuts Naked Rambler some slack  -  Friday 18 December 2015

The Naked Rambler: And Sitting -  Saturday 19 December 2015

The Naked Rambler: And Sitting. A blog by Isobel Williams © Copyright 2015 Isobel Williams © Copyright 2015 Isobel Williams

Editor’s Pick of the Week:

The Naked Rambler: And Sitting by Isobel Williams

“This week for me has been about Margaret Thatcher, James Bond and the Naked Rambler, all masters of self-belief with iconic wardrobes.”

“The Naked Rambler's outfit - hiking boots and socks - doesn't fit the legal system. His tailor-made ASBO says he mustn't be naked in public.”

“Steve is like parchment - something blank on which other people can impose their ideas: hero, martyr, mischief-maker, loony, PTSD-sufferer, victim of the law's inflexibility who has suffered a grotesquely disproportionate punishment. His skin has something of parchment's dryness and sallow glimmer in the harsh downlights of the dock, on what is probably his fortieth court appearance.”

The Naked Rambler: And Sitting. A blog by Isobel Williams © Copyright 2015 Isobel Williams

Friday December 18th 2015

Walking Home for Christmas!

Judge cuts Naked Rambler some slack

Barely’s the word”

Naked Rambler Stephen Gough was cut some slack by Judge Keith Cutler CBE today. In a move that took most people by surprise, Judge Cutler announced a 200 days sentence for breaching the ASBO restrictions.

It was confirmed that Gough had not had any psychiatric assessment since the trial. Judge Cutler noted that:

(a) he could now sentence Gough for up to 5 years in prison

(b) he had been alerted to the case of Button v Salama and Mr Justice Holman's decision that the defendant in that case, "had been punished enough"

(c) there was the conclusion of the court of appeal that upheld Judge Miller's conviction and sentence.

Judge Cutler went through what he could take into account for mitigation:

(1) a plea of guilty? ... no, Gough had pleaded "not guilty"

(2) repentful? ... no, Gough did not repent what he had done

(3) remorse? ... no, Gough showed no remorse.

(4) The only other thing he could take into account for mitigation was the Holman case and, "… other letters and matters written to me by your supporters".

He then went through a short summary of the facts. He noted that any distress that Gough had caused was of a limited nature. He said that, while there has to be a prison sentence he could measure that in days rather than years ... and then sentenced him to 200 days in prison with 97 already spent. Judge Cutler then explained that this could mean release the following week on Monday or Tuesday (with the caveat that Gough could still be in breach of the earlier sentence).

Judge Cutler advised Gough to:

(a) seek to have the ASBO changed since he (Judge Cutler) was not in a position to do that - only Gough, the CPS and the police were able to request this and:

(b) he advised Gough to get representation if he comes to court again.

The case started in Court One at 11:25 am and was concluded by 12:20 am. The dock in Court One is below the gallery and Gough, who attended naked, was not visible by members of the public.

The case was later reported in some local newspapers, most notably The Daily Echo and The Hampshire Chronicle

For the latest naked rambler supporters’ reactions to today’s events in court see here

Compiled exclusively for Rambler News by our roving court reporter.

Interview with Judge Keith Cutler OBE - Grapevine Magazine: Edition 7: August 2015 - Click Here Merry Christmas from the Naked Rambler Merry Christmas from the Naked Rambler Click Here for Winchester Pantomime