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Stephen Gough’s Statement

Published by Bernard Boase on Saturday, May 17, 2014 at 6:36pm

I stand for truth: the truth that the human body—the physical manifestation of what I am—is neither indecent nor offensive, and therefore simply being naked in public causes no harm.


The Authorities, in their failure to be objective and therefore fair, have chosen to ignore the truth. This has allowed intolerance and prejudice to be accepted as evidence against me, with the consequence that my innocent behaviour has been, and continues to be, prosecuted.


Whilst I am one man representing freedom in my own way, freedom is the basis for all enlightened progress in human affairs, and the measure of its success or failure.


I therefore appeal to all those that recognise this truth, and care deeply about freedom of expression, to unite and act together to highlight and work to put right an injustice that, in its larger context, goes beyond one man's plight to have universal consequences.


Stephen Gough, HMP High Down, 8-May-2014

Text extracted from the files contained in the Free the Naked Rambler Facebook Support Group