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The Naked Rambler Amazon Wish List

Stephen Gough was released from Edinburgh’s Saughton Prison on Friday October 5, 2012 at 5.30am. He headed south, naked as the day he was born, on his last naked walk out of Scotland and reached the English border after five glorious days of sunshine. You can view that journey Here from beginning to end.

On leaving Edinburgh, after six and a half years in solitary confinement in various prisons throughout Scotland, Stephen Gough had accumulated over forty books in his private possession, mostly on the subjects of philosophy, Scots Law and European Law.

For the first time, we are able to bring them to you here on the Amazon Page and open them up for discussion and debate. Here is our Top Ten Naked Rambler Books.

Ten Books to read on understanding Stephen Gough’s early quest for freedom of mind, body and soul, starting from 2006 to 2012;

1, On-Liberty-John-Stuart-Mill-Cosimo-Classics-Philosophy

2, Self-Reliance-Inspiration-for-Daily-Living-Wisdom-of-Ralph-Waldo-Emerson

3, An-Introduction-to-Political-Philosophy-Jonathan-Wolff

( We contacted Jonathan Wolff, the author of  the book “An Introduction to Political Philosophy” and informed him that Stephen Gough had his book in the Naked Rambler Collection. Professor Wolff wrote back;

“It is fascinating that Stephen Gough listed my book on his Amazon list, and thank you so much for drawing this to my attention. I don’t know whether Stephen Gough grappled with the problem John Stuart Mill raised and I briefly discussed – that despite his liberal principles Mill did not approve of ‘public indecency’. Flattering as it may be to think that someone like Stephen Gough changed his views on reading my, or other, books, it seems more likely that, at best, in them he found an articulation or confirmation of things that he was already strongly disposed to believe. It is a tragic situation, and it seems absurd that someone should be in prison for nakedness. But I know nothing about him and so cannot really comment on his motivations. With best wishes,  Jo.”

(Jonathan Wolff, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Professor of Philosophy, University College London )

4, The-Social-Contract-Jean-Jacques-Rousseau-Oxford-Worlds-Classics

5, A-Week-on-the-Concord-and-Merrimack-Rivers-Henry-David-Thoreau-Princeton-Classic-Editions

6, Justice-What’s-Right-Thing-Do-Michael-J.-Sandel

(This book has now been made into a video lecture available free to watch here in 12 episodes

7, The-Republic-Plato-Dover-Thrift-Editions

8, Civil-Disobedience-Henry-David-Thoreau

9, One-Day-in-the-Life-Ivan-Denisovich-Aleksandr-Solzhenitsyn

10, Utilitarianism-John-Stuart-Mill  

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