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Ukip Launch Eastleigh Campaign:

Video Eastleigh News

MP Mike walks Easleigh blindfold

Eastleigh MP Mike Thornton has been finding out what getting around Eastleigh would be like if you were blind or partially sighted.

There many items of street furniture in Eastleigh town centre we take for granted and manage to avoid colliding with without thinking about it but many of these items can be hazardous for blind members of the community.

The MP donned a pair of spectacles which simulated the effects of glaucoma walked around the town guided by Marie Jenkins of the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and Brian Anderson a partially sighted RNIB Volunteer.

Jenkins and Anderson gave the MP a commentary on the various problems they encountered on their journey.

Ukip launch election campaign in Eastleigh

It was smiles all round as Eastleigh Ukip launched their General Election campaign by opening a shop in the town centre.

The Ukip candidate Patricia Culligan was on hand to cut the ribbon outside the premises in the Leigh Rd precinct that formerly served as the Co-Op travel agent before falling long term vacant.

As usual the May 7 poll will be run alongside the local borough elections and the shop will serve as a campaign HQ for both Culligan and Ukip’s local election candidates Jim Saunders and Andy Moore who are standing in Eastleigh South and Eastleigh Central respectively.

Andy Moore formerly served in Eastleigh as a Lib Dem councillor before being deselected.

MP Mike in Eastleigh: Video Eastleigh News