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Rambler Scud Coin in the Nudes

The Rambler Scud Coin did indeed make the news on Sunday March 8, 2015 but as of yet, it hasn’t won any major awards for innovative design and ingenuity. Fact or Fiction says, very much a Fiction.

Pitted up against the new Royal Mint Coin and their design of the Queen’s head however, we wondered whether the Rambler’s Scud Coin would come out on top after several critics voiced their concerns over the computer generated image of Her Magesty’s new coin.

This Guardian article announces,”The Queen shows her age as portrait is updated on coinage”

Rambler in the Nudes


'The Stranger' by Albert Camus and the comparison between the protagonist Meursault and Stephen Gough as a real life example of how society will ostracise and even imprison those who will not conform to expected norms. Coming Soon.

Journey to the End of the Night. Louis-Ferdinand Céline.

Journey to the end of the Night’ by Louis-Ferdinand Céline. Céline expresses an almost unrelieved pessimism with regard to human nature, human institutions, society, and life in general.